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About Dr. Jay Lombard

Dr. Lombard sees patients of all ages beyond the age of 18. He has contributed significantly to the understanding of autism as a mitochondrial disease. Over 30 years in practice he’s treated several hundred individuals with autism and developmental disorders, finding a high degree of success using all natural non-pharmacological. In addition to his experience treating autism, he has a broad range of experience treating other neurological conditions such as ALS, Parkinsons, & Multiple sclerosis.  He takes a holistic approach regarding these conditions by combining biophysical and biomedical approaches.

Biophysical approaches include novel, vibrational, sound, light, olfactory stimulation of the brain. He works in tandem with state of the art physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, and other ancillary therapists to optimize the care of patients with these conditions.

Dr. Lumbard has also developed genetic testing methods through his previous work with Genomind. He was one of the first thought leaders to recognize the utility and importance of biomarkers for the diagnosis of neurological conditions. His current research in this regard is the potential discovery of brain-gut-immune axis critical to the emergence of brain diseases.

His first book, The Brain Wellness Plan first elucidated these connections and what to do about them. His most recent book addresses the convergence of the brain and spirituality entitled The Mind of God current Dr. Lombard maintains a small practice in Rockman County where he sees adolescents and adults with neurobehavioral concerns.

Redefining Health Care

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For patients with (MND) Motor Neuron Disease we are currently recommending a referral to either Colombia Presbyterian Medical center or mass general hospital for those in the north east