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Neurologists see a wide variety of medical conditions including migraines, head injury, spinal cord injury, cognitive and behavioral problems. At Mindful Medical in NY we offer non pharmacological and nutritional management for these conditions in an integrative and holistic fashion.

Our Doctor

Dr. Jay Lombard has practiced neurology for 25 years and had held esteemed positions as Chief of Neurology at two hospitals in NY and brings a vast amount of experience to his clinical practice. He is also a published author including his bestselling book "The Brain Wellness Plan" which drew the attention of health care professionals and consumers alike that functional medicine is a successful application for many brain conditions.

Our Practice

Our neurological focus includes migraines, autism, head injuries', migraines, head injury, spinal cord injury cognitive and behavioral problems. Each prescription or treatment we prescribe is backed by evidence based research and logic, so you can be assured that what we recommend is more than just a shot in the dark.

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